Our donors, patrons and sponsors

Whilst our singing-members’ subscriptions cover all of our rehearsal costs and overheads, we rely solely on ticket sales and the generous financial support of our donors, patrons and individual sponsors to fund our concerts and other initiatives.  If you would like to make a donation to Hastings Philharmonic Choir please click here.

We gratefully acknowledge the following support:

2023-24 season
Patrons Donors
Dr Robert Park and Anne Duke Caryl Hosein
John Read Helen Palen
Marion Lovell John Jenkins
Susan Bickford Judy Appleyard
Lesley and Richard Agutter Mariya Posa
Sue Kidd

2022-23 season
Patrons Donors
Caryl Hosein Annie Sutton-Scales
John Read Chris Cormack
Marion Lovell Frances Day
Dr Robert Park and Anne Duke Gareth Simpson
Susan Bickford Hanna Tuohy
Lesley and Richard Agutter Helen Palen
Maggi Hyde

An anonymous donor supported our performance of Mozart's 'Great' Mass in C minor in April 2023 by sponsoring the conductor.

2021-22 season
Patrons Donors
Anne Duke and Dr Robert Park Carol Forster
Beatrice Colley Christopher Cormack
Lesley and Richard Agutter Frances Day
Marion Lovell Hanna Tuohy
Susan Bickford John Read
Maggi Hyde

An anonymous donor supported our performance of Brahms’ Ein Deutsches Requiem in March 2022 by sponsoring the conductor.

2020-21 season
Dr. Robert Park and Anne Duke John Spencer
Susan Bickford Geraldine I’Anson
Pauline Johnson Mo Cannon
Hanna Tuohy Carol Forster
Sue Adams Barbara Cornish
Frances Day Malachy Hill
Maggi Hyde Edward Bryant
Caryl Hosein Maria Atkinson
Alison Norris Alison Horan
Catriona Lamont Simon Stonard
Simon Scott Gary Dyer
Judy Appleyard