About Hastings Philharmonic Choir

Photograph: Peter Mould

In just under a decade with its current musical director, the enterprising and energetic Marcio da Silva, Hastings Philharmonic Choir has established itself as one of the foremost choirs in the area, thrilling audiences and critics alike with performances to rival those of many professional ensembles.  You can see some details and reviews of our previous concerts by clicking here.

Revolving around the major choral works of the baroque to romantic periods, the choir’s wide-ranging repertoire extends also to classics of the twentieth century. Concerts in recent years have included works by Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, Brahms, Verdi, Orff, Britten and Lauridsen. The choir has also performed new commissions, most recently Philip O’Meara’s evocative No Man in 2016 (click here to see and hear us performing this).

We perform four concerts a year in various venues in Hastings and St Leonards. Our popular Carols for All each December is a family affair involving local schoolchildren alongside our Choir.

With a membership of around eighty singers, the Choir offers a warm welcome to new members as we continue to develop. We rehearse weekly and encourage home study between meetings.  Sadly, due to the current coronavirus pandemic, active recruitment has been suspended, and whilst rehearsals have started again these are conducted with the strictest protocols in place for the safety of our members.


Sopranos Altos Tenors
Alison Norris Alison Horan Andrew Jeremiah
Annie Sutton-Scales Alison Levinson Chris Cormack
Annika Jasse Annette Humphreys Edward Bryant
Carole Maurice Barbara Cornish John Spencer
Catriona Lamont Birgit Green Robert Holland
Deirdre Goodger Carol Scoines Rupert Agutter
Frances Day Caroline Gibbins Simon Scott
Geraldine I'Anson Caryl Hosein Simon Stonard
Helen Palen Elspeth Knights Soo Chee Kin
Hilary Baker Gill Paul
Jane Pentecost-Wild Heather Spence Basses
Jill Lockhart Janet Horner David Holloway
Joan Downing Janice Edwards David Stokes
Jude Cowan Montague Judith Bevan Hugh Bryant
Judy Appleyard Kate Man John Jenkins
Kate Dyer Kerry Gentleman John Read
Lin Westcott Lucy Cradduck John Rycroft
Mary Lipscombe Maggi Hyde Keith Paul
Maxine Wright-Moore Maria Atkinson Malachi Hill
Megan Skinner Mary Hughes Ray Lockhart
Mo Cannon Nicola Urling-Clark Richard Overton
Rose Dearden Penny Hamp Stuart Robinson
Rose Miller Rachel Farnham
Rosemarie Roberts Sue Adams
Sarah Lee Sue Watson
Sarah Taylor Thïa Igbokwe
Saskia Hart Virginia Cole
Sue Kidd  
Tessa Sambrook  
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