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Thanks for visiting our website. We are a friendly choir of about 70 - 80 voices based in Hastings, East Sussex, UK. We perform up to four concerts a year in the town.

Whether you're looking for tickets or hoping to join us, you'll find what you need by exploring the site.

Rehearsals until 9th March.

We have a special rehearsal calendar in place until the 9th March which includes choral Auditions on Feb 3rd and certain breaks.



Details will appear in the 'Events > Rehearsal Dates' section as each date becomes due and a summary can be found by clicking >here<

Spring Concert - 14th May - Rehearsals begin this week!



Rehearsals begin for our Spring Concert on Wednesday, 7pm at the Tabernacle. To see details click >here<

We welcome all voices, especially tenor and bass. If you want to try us out, come along to a rehearsal.

Tickets for the concert go on sale a few weeks before the event. Check this page to see updates.

Beautiful Music

Thanks to our audience yesterday; your reactions have been very gratifying. We've had some lovely comments about the concert. We've been told we presented a concert for 'real musicians' - a flattering response to the repertoire - and we've heard that the audience was moved deeply at particular points.

Others said '..best concert I've been to', 'an unusual programme which was well-constructed and interesting', '..an awesome concert' and Stephen Page, critic for Lark Reviews, has written:

"Hastings Philharmonic Choir was once again on top form. They have shown a high level of control and depth of feeling in this music. To create a programme which does not rely on exuberance and flashiness is a risk today. How refreshing to be able to sit back and be transported to a higher realm as this sustained, luxurious and highly emotive music works its magic."

His full review is >here<.

Alison a member who couldn't be with us to sing said "I just wanted to say I thought the choir sounded fantastic, so professional at the concert on Saturday. As a soprano I was listening to my section particularly. I thought the sopranos were going to be too quiet but they came through clearly, "wobble" free and the intonation stayed strong. The quality of the whole choir's sound was really beautiful. The alto sound was mellow and there was an absolutely wonderful moment of sustain in a gap between phrases from the other parts. It seemed as though no-one had taken a breath for ages. I really thought the blend was excellent and it sounded like a choir that was listening to each other....and the men!!"

Geraldine, another member said: "I was both happy and saddened by your email. So happy that last nights concert was such a success, but saddened and so disappointed that I was unable to be there. Or was able to sing such a lovely programme."

Another member reports that one of her guests was so moved, she's now planning an adult baptism for herself and a Christening for her daughter. Praise indeed.

Do come and hear us again in November when a Vivaldi programme promises to be a great event. It includes his Gloria, the Magnificat and features violinist Özcan Ulucan in the Four Seasons.

If you'd like to sing with us in this and later concerts in the season, join us again for Wednesday rehearsals from September 16th, 7pm at the Tabernacle. You'll find more details elsewhere on the website.

Concert Dates

Christ Church, Silcheser Road, St Leonards

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